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The V International Writers' and Artists' Festival "Palabra en el mundo VI"
organized by the International Writers' and Artists' Residency, Val-David, Quebec
May 19-20, 2012
Avec l'appui de Conseil des arts du Canada, de Centre local de développement Laurentides,
de L'union des écrivains du Canada, de L'union des écrivains du Quebec
et de la Ligue des poètes canadiens. En collaboration avec l'Association des auteurs
des Laurentides. Avec l'appui de la municipalité de Val-David

Art display by:

Benedetta I. Pignataro (Canada/Italy)
Carmen Doreal (Canada/Romania)
Roger Lauzon (Canada)
Jane Casson (Canada)
Ashish Chakraborty (India)
Anindita Chakraborty (India)
Ljubica Milicevic (Canada/Serbia)

Val David Festival 5
Saturday May 19, 2012

Opening speech — Mme Mayoress
of Val-David, Nicole Davidson
Michael Mirolla (Canada/Italy)
Hélène Dorion (Canada)
Flavia Cosma (Canada/Romania)
Paul Seesequasis (Canada)
Ljubica Milicevici Canada/Serbia)
André Lemelin (Canada)

One Hour Break

Gloria Mindock (USA)
John Asfour (Canada/Lebanon)
Jeremiah Wall (Canada)
Claude Herdhuin (Canada/France)
Ashutosh Chakraborty (India)
Filotea Ruse (Canada/Romania)
Luis Raúl Calvo (Argentina)—virtual presentation
Sunday May 20, 2012

Shiatsu Massage Demonstration
Ofelia Uta-Burcea (Spain)


Felicia Mihali (Canada/Romania)
book presentation
The Darling of Kandahar
Adeena Karasick (USA)
Bernard Anton (Canada/Lebanon)
Ofelia Uta-Burcea (Spain)
Carmen Doreal (Canada/Romania)
Angela Leuck (Canada)

One Hour Break

Desiree Szucsany (Canada)
Steve Luxton (Canada)
Antoine Gravel-Bilodeau (Canada)
Benedeta I. Pignataro (Italie)
David Deladurantaye Leblanc (Canada)
Traian Gărduş (Canada/Roumanie)
Lise Desjardins (Canada)

Pot Luck Banquet

Press Release
The Fifth International Writers' and Artists Festival "Words in the world” at the Writers' and Artists' Residence at Val-David

In a highly emotionally charged atmosphere, the V International Multilingual, Multicultural Festival has closed its doors for now. The next Festival will take place on 6 and 7 October 2012, under the name of Lyrical Wild Berries Harvest.
Now a popular event in Val-David, the biannual Festival represents a wonderful meeting of minds that only Canada does allow. An event of this nature does strengthen our multicultural tapestry enriching each and all the participants.
During the two days Fest, there were more than 100 people participating in the audience.
The Festival was generously sponsored by the Arts Council of Canada, Le Centre local de développement Laurentides, The Writers’ Union of Canada, L’union des écrivains du Quebec and the League of Canadian Poets, with the support of the town of Val-David.

Festival de Val-David. Entrevista a Flavia Cosma
por Sole Molina

El V Festival de Val-David, que acoge a escritores y artistas, tuvo lugar en mayo pasado. Su organizadora, la poeta rumano-canadiense Flavia Cosma, nos cuenta entretelones sobre el festival, sus participantes y asistentes. Leer completo en Festival de Val-David

Here are a few comments of the participants:

Once again a bright sunny day of blazing poetry, many languages and unique personalities, thanks to the dedication and effort of Flavia Cosma and her helpful, personable associates.
Jeremiah Wall

Thank you so much for inviting us to take part in your poetry festival. Both Steve and I enjoyed meeting such a wonderful group of warm, stimulating and creative people. We look forward to participating again.
Angela Leuck and Steve Luxton, poets, Montreal

Participants' biographies
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