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The II International Writers’ and Artists’ Festival "Lyrical Wild Berries Harvest"
organized by the International Writers’ and Artists’ Residency, Val-David, Quebec
October 9-10, 2010

With the participation of:
Joe Donohue — Photographer

Art display by:

Benedetta I. Pignataro
Carmen Doreal
Maria Pia Marchelletta
Helene DeSerres

Val David Festival 2
Saturday October 9, 2010

Blossom Thom
Ionut Caragea
Cheryl Antao-Xavier
Adrian Erbiceanu
Michael Mirolla

One Hour Break

Traian Gardus
Benedetta I Pignataro
Colette Chabot
Jeremiah Wall
Luz Alonso
Sunday October 10, 2010

Cristina Montescu
Maria Pia Marchelletta
Diane Bouthillette
Luminita Suse
Flavia Cosma

One Hour Break

Carmen Doreal
Antoine Gravel-Bilodeau
Michelina Descary
Virgil Titarenco
Pot Luck Banquet

Participants' biographies
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In a highly emotionally charged atmosphere and congenial warmth, the II International Multilingual, Multicultural Festival has closed its doors. The next Festival will take place in May 2011, and will be connected to many other festivals throughout the world under the umbrella of Palabra en el mundo (Words in the World) Festival.

When departing, late Sunday night, every participant took with him/her the desire to continue being part of this wonderful meeting of minds that only Canada does allow. An event of this nature does strengthen our multicultural tapestry enriching each and all the participants. During the two days Fest, there were more than 100 people participating in the audience.

This Festival, double in size and duration compared with our first Festival in May, was full of discoveries in the realm of literature and arts, full of personal accomplishments and constituted a wonderful occasion for meeting new friends from across Canada and the world at large.

Accent Montreal

Here are a few comments of the participants:

"As Romanians, we are proud of this Festival that joins our hearts and minds. Congratulations to the poet Flavia Cosma, for this beautiful accomplishment."
Ionuţ Caragea, poet, Romania-Canada

"A warm atmosphere where each is loved as he is. This is a great example to be followed on the road to a better world."
Diane Bouthillette, French language writer, Val-David, Quebec

"The II International Festival International was a huge success and a tribute to your standing in the literary community."
Cheryl Antao-Xavier, English language poet, Goa-Canada

"The Festival was a literary meeting of the highest degree. An extraordinary exchange of ideas and opinions! Thank you for inviting me. I loved speaking French amidst Quebec people. Congratulations!"
Maria Pia Marchelletta, Italian-Canadian poet

"This was an amazing time. So many people around the same passion for poetry and writing! If I may wish you something is to find the energy and resources to continue. Thank you!"
Virgil Titarenco, poet, California

"Despite all that’s happening in the world, there are beautiful things out there, and you contributed. Thanks for being on the planet at the same time as myself."
Micheline Descary, French speaking writer

"This festival was truly a time of beauty without language or culture borders. Such beauty will save the world. Thank you Flavia for making this possible! I wish to be a part of it again."
Luminita Suse, poetess, Ontario

Below, we present some of the poems recited by participants to the festival:

Flavia Cosma*

The Bronze of Statues

Kissed on the lips, the bronze of statues
Changes into gold;
The inert matter opens wide its eyes,
The soul breathes noisily,
A smoky trap, sweet breeze,
The air seizes us lustfully.

Caressed on its bosom, the bronze of statues
Changes into water,
Green water, blissful,
Covering the alabaster hands of the beloved,
Flooding his boundless heart
That beats and beats,
Stirring up oceans,
Running with the clouds,
Drawing near.

* Flavia Cosma, Romanian-canadian poetess and translator,
The Director of the Festival

Luminita Suse*


to my father

it was there
by the hedge of torch lilies
where I pushed a lit candle into the sand
as deep as the stars in a well
hoping to reach my father’s heart for once
call off discord and lessen absence

it was then
when I commanded him
to stop the hiding inside crisp bones
and I stood by his grave with clenched fists
tense and still like a hummingbird
before backing off from an emptied flower

*Luminita Suse — poetess, Canada

Carmen Doreal*


love without worries
free verse for sad poets
published in school books
I haven’t forgotten your names
Eminescu, Arghezi, Sorescu
Nichita Stanescu

all creative workshops
are empty;
I rarely recite
romance-provoking rhymes
my Romanian dream
hidden under the pillow
I do not know where it grows anymore
I only remember
that I wanted to impress

Dali, Elytis, Claude Debussy,
were hanging lofty surrealistic mirrors
above my bed in Paris
disturbed with shadows,
light is startled

I digress in free verse with Pierre Morency
happily dancing
barefoot on maple leaves
poem cheered with coloured waves
bird with a heart of fire
I reiterate immortality’s wings
from my own ashes;
love kills,
but the heart never dies

on the shore of Saint-Lawrence River
I reinvent love under the Gate of Kiss
Endless Column in incendiary nights
at the blue Silence Table
the spirits of the stars
are waiting for me
at the creative workshop
with love without worries
Eminescu, Arghezi, Sorescu,
Nichita Stanescu

(Translated by Luminita Suse)

*Carmen Doreal — poetess, Canada

Adrian Erbiceanu*


I float through thought as through perpetual water:
Above me dallies the barren sky and the vow
To stay the desert winds’ concupiscence to plow
Through our nascent dream, a lamb willed to the slaughter.

I see the ground appearing from the depths below
And on this potter’s field he who tries to bury
Himself in a grave within this cemetary
From which his final judgement he will never know.

With such ample fragmentary recollection,
That beats insidiously from its broken wings,
Flight carries me through eternal retrospection...

And within me the chrysalis finds its moorings
- Bridging every past, present and future section –
Embodying each eternal moment’s longings.

(Trad: Frederick Erbiceanu)

* Adrian Erbiceanu, poet, Canada

Ionut Caragea*

The superficial bitch

The world changes
The world is made in China
Tu peux l`acheter moins cher
From Dollarama
Et l`amour s’échange
Contre le chronomètre
Tous ses vêtements tombent
A chaque période de l`année
Épuisant tous les sujets

The sluts are denaturized
Faith given to the valley of silicone
Oh my sweet baby
What have you become?

The feelings are made from rubber
My bitch is the church
My bitch is God
My bitch is home
Home sweet home

Chez moi je suis toujours silencieux
Tu es la lumière de mes yeux
Tu es l`amour de ma vie
Le movie de ma vie
The same remix
With the nightmares

My bitch is McSB
I hate fast foods
I hate potatoes
The blood is Coca-Cola
The taste is Coca-Cola
Entre les jambes always Coca-Cola
De tes seins coule Coca-Cola
La transpiration Coca-Cola
En conclusion
Her feelings are made from Coca-Cola

My bitch loves to roam into the night
The super freak bitch
The supercalifragilisticus bitch
The superficial bitch
I love my bitch
C`est tout ce que j`ai
C`est tout ce qu`il me reste

The world changes
The world is made in China
Mais parfois le monde m`attire
Quand j’ai l’air d’un fauve
Pourtant je rejette le monde
Quand je réussis à penser

C’est comme ça que je vieillirai
Comme le Sphinx entre tes seins

I love Egypt
C’est comme ça que j`aimerai
Comme la Tour Eiffel
Ou le Bossu de Notre Dame
En regardant les trottoirs
Sur lesquels tu me proposes
Un ménage à trois
I love Paris

C’est comme ça que j`aimerai
Comme une montagne
En regardant
Un pays mal situé dans l`Europe
I love Romania

My favorite bitch

(Translated by Ionut Caragea)

*Ionut Caragea, poet, Canada